Episode 8

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29th Aug 2020

Episode 8: A Hopeful Kiki

Host Aaron Salazar (Award-Winning Theatre Director-Producer Featured in the New York Times, New York Daily News & New York Post), Danny Marin (Award-Winning Producer, Actor & Founder of Con Limón Productions) & Cheech Manohar (Broadway triple threat currently playing ‘Kevin G” in Mean Girls the musical & upcoming Screenwriter) Bring August to a close with Episode 8: A Hopeful Kiki. We start off this rollicking conversation with some much-needed levity before we discuss how to be actionable during these crucial days leading up to the election, and how social media can be a double-edged sword, talk about how Black Lives Matter is not a trend while sharing our thoughts about Jacob Blake, underlining how important it is to make sure that well-meaning Allyship doesn’t become harmful, and the many forms of advocacy & follow through with actionable steps to make a difference, which leads to us unpacking “grading yourself” when you are behind closed doors. The Census makes it way into the conversation and so does Cardi B. Part 1 comes to a close with a message from a dear listener giving the show incredible feedback and encouragement as we wax poetic about what the journey has been for this platform. *Meditation Break* Part 2 turns into a big theatre/show biz love fest Kiki as the “brown brotherhood” expounds on the value of camaraderie, the deep and real need to be supportive, and the deep gratitude they all have for each other. This is just a taste of this jam-packed end of August conversation. 

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For Fuck's Sake "4FS_Podcast"
A Theatre Podcast
For Fuck’s Sake, A theatre podcast hopes to open up a dialogue with theatre artists about topical issues happening right now. Authentic and candid conversations, in an extended format where we get to hang for a month of weekly episodes with guest co-hosts from all facets of the performing arts world. Allowing us to unpack some real sh*t.

Hosted by award-winning NYC theatre director & producer Aaron Salazar.

This is not your average theatre podcast. Curious? Good, alright. Here we go.

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Aaron Salazar

Aaron Salazar is a Latinx New York City award-winning theatre director-producer who specializes in original immersive and experiential work. Salazar’s artistic home is Poseidon Theatre Company, of which he is the Producing Artistic Director and Founder. He enters into his second decade in New York with his most recent work, X The Experience, an interactive live-stream event. In 2019 The Cooping Theory 1969: Who Killed Edgar Allan Poe? an immersive paranormal experience at RPM Underground was featured in The New York Times, New York Post, New York Daily News, The Wall Street Journal, Time Out New York (Best Immersive Theatre in NYC/Top 13 Best Halloween Shows 2019), and received the title of “Best Immersive Shows & Experiences of 2019” from No Proscenium and won Best Environmental Immersion Award 2019 for the U.S. from Immersion Nation. Previous work with Poseidon Theatre Company includes Antigone and BitterSweet at The Cell Theatre. He is thrilled to begin his journey as Creative Director-Founder of Alvarez Keko Salazar Productions’ creating "Bespoke Experiences beyond the proscenium" in digital storytelling, interactive media & live immersive works. Currently, streaming is For F**k’s Sake a theatre podcast aka “4FS Podcast”, Drama: an aural experience an immersive audio fiction series. AKS’s namesake is an homage to his family and ancestors and the courage they had to want a better life for future generations. "I stand on the strength of their bravery,”